Cheat Engine


- Fixed the first plugin from not getting activated at restart
- Custom types can now do an unknown initial value scan
- Fixed the auto assembler highlighter from hiding some text while typing
- Fixed the auto assembler highlighter from not showing hexadecimal values as hex starting with A to F
- Fixed global debug from crashing in 64-bit (with dbvm)

- Fixed dbvm from not working on several systems (freeze)
- Fixed notification when closing and you had some changes
- Fixed the rescan of the structure spider not working at all
- Fixed several disassembler and assembler instructions
- Fixed several plugin-system related bugs
- Fixed aobscan for 64-bit
- Fixed displaying the registers in 64-bit when using "find what xxx this address"
- Fixed the stackview when single stepping through the code
- Fixed several lua function, including createhotkey
- Fixed the assembler not dealing well with names with a - in it. (like the tutorial)
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